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KYLE DAVIDS is a trainer and coach to all network marketers. Helping you do what you love, earn unlimited income, and work from anywhere in the world by building a "lifestyle business", through the latest online and social media strategies. This is a place for all those looking to leave behind the network marketing strategies of yesterday and move into the 21st century to become a DIGITAL NETWORK MARKETER.

Born and raised in "Sunny" South Africa, my mum, a single mum, took care of my family all my life. Raised in an entreprenuarial environment, we had to go outside of the norm to win the fight against financial freedom, even at  young age. 

For this reason, I have always been more interested in making profits rather than just simply doing well in school.

I did however do well in my acedemics, completing my degree in Financial Management, then a second, Honors in Invetment Management, and a CFA level 1. At this point I was full of excitement, ready to get my career started. I remember thinking that I finally get to use "Bloomberg" to draft my very own portfolios. I started my career and did well, before the first year was up, I had made enough to reward myself with a vacation to South Korea to visit someone very dear to me. It was AMAZING. Experiencing a whole new world had opened my eyes.

The Moment I Knew..."This Ain't For Me" 

I have always been someone who did his best at everything. I take pride in that, and likewise, when it came to my work I did the same. After a while, I found myself stuck, the tasks we monotonous and came with very little reward. Even my very nature of doing my best had changed. I became very complacent and had little to no energy each day. I was stuck in the infamous "Rat Race". I felt like I had sold my self out. I was once full of energy, but by then had no passion.

Despite all this, I grew, and I was learning invaluable skills along the way, which I still use today. So I would go to work in the day and after hours then became "My Time". I had a friend who started invetsting in property, this interested me. The thought of a residual pay cheque made me excited again, I was my "ticket" to traveling indefinetly. So every bit of free time a had I spent learning, and following my friend. I was so dedicated to learning, I even taught my self a few trades like tiling, plumbing, contracting and maintenace. Even this hard labour, was more rewarding than my day job. After a year or so, we had rasied enough money to start our own developement. The ball started rolling!

There has to be more to life than just work

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with hard work, in fact it is one of the most noble things any human being can do. But is this a life you would want for your kids or family members? I know I didn't. I couldn't spend quality time with them and I had this feeling of missing out on life. My mum was not a stay-at-home mum and she ALWAYS had to work, I wanted to give her the gift of a choice. After my brother and I completed the first development, my mum was able to retire comfortably and follow her passion as a Pastor. Something we are always grateful for. As I witnessed the change in my mum's life, I wanted the same.

Then I discovered NETWORK MARKETING!


I was introduced to a unique opportunity by a family member of mine, and at first, I was reluctant and apprehensive. Then I started doing some comparisons. In property developement, we need a large amount of initial capital. Not easy to find and takes a long time to gather this money. The time it took to complete building and contruction sometimes felt like and etertnity. Once compete the admin regarding tenants and maintanece was a hassle. Network marketing, the initial outlay was maniscule in comparison, however the return just as good, if not better. The time taken to reach the same return was cut in half, and absolutely no admin once completed. 

I finally found an opportunity were I could honestly create my own schedule, leverage my work time with family time and mot importantly affect the lives of others around me. With property all I could do was provide a place to stay, but with Network Marketing, I could assist others in becoming Property Investors and business owners.

Its time to start taking control of your life and stop wondering... WHAT IF

Once you start investing in yourself, you will start to see a massive change in your life. This will only really happen once you realize one simple thing..."I'm worth it!" Life is full of opportunities, you just have to keep your eyes peeled! Whether you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, having true time freedom, perhaps building your own home, or even being a stay-at-home parent - let me tell you this, you truly have the power to do it! As a home based entrepreneur, you could achieve these goals by dedicating time and investing in yourself in just a couple of years. On average, in our team, many have done this. Times are constantly changing and here we dedicate our time into making sure that you have every advantage on your path to financial freedom. The profession is evolving and I understand how the idea of going door-to-door could strike fear in even the toughest of soles. Here we teach you how to leverage off social media, build long lasting brands that focus solely on providing value in people's lives. All this while building an empire would surely lead to a fulfilled life. We have a community of individuals who have the same goal in mind, support is everywhere! The only way you could possible fail, is if you were to quit on yourself. 


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