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5 Reasons Why YOU Wasting Time Recruiting On Social Media

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Before we dive into the TOP 5 Reasons why you wasting you’re time prospecting & recruiting on social media, I must warn you that, this is probably going to have you feel like someone took the “Jam Right Out Of Your Doughnut!!!”

By now you must be wondering if you are building your business on social media the right way or the most effective way?… RIGHT?

Or perhaps ALL you’ve been doing is spamming everyone online and at the risk of making you feel extra lousy…over and above all this, you don’t even know it!

Don’t sweat it! That’s why we’re here…Between us, let’s just agree on a couple things first…

  • “Knowing how to recruit on social media could be textacular!🙂
  • “Being one step ahead by understanding where everyone else is getting it wrong…even better”
  • “Actually doing it the right way with results to show…PRICELESS

Unfortunately, if you’re prospecting and recruiting on social media, there are many pitfalls you need to avoid in order to successfully build your organization. Think of them as landmines, and every time you step on one…another prospect is left feeling disavowed.

And instead of growing your team, your bad rep is expanding like the cloud of smoke after an explosion has gone off! Now no one wants to be within  “Three-feet” of you.

Despite all of that, there is an effective way to prospect on social media that attracts prospects to you but I'll explain more about the FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here, in a minute...

It shouldn’t be surprising that I did it all wrong online at some point, too! So I want to help YOU, by showing you what to avoid and how to best get prospects to invite themselves to your opportunity.

You see, I have been building my business online for “a minute” now…

And I have been in Network Marketing considerably longer. And like most…Started from ground zero feeling like patient zero because nothing seemed to work. LOL!

I’ve undergone deep personal development and experienced more negativity than any human should have to endure, but the good news is I now have – like Liam Neeson 

“A very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired through many failures, Skills that make me a dream for people like you” – Haha

Here are some of my failures just to show you precisely what I’m talking about…

My journey was filled with many fumbles, embarrassing moments, and I “Screwed The Pooch” more times than I care to say

 I just hope my friends, family and strangers I have attempted to prospect have by now obliterated every memory of my previous existence. LOL!”

Here’s a few what  NOT to do’s!

Have you ever invited friends over for some beers and gracelessly transitioned to sucker punching an annoyed audience with your business plan? 

I definitely have.

Have you ever tried to turn asking a bartender for a drink into a “one liner” about how wonderful your products are working out for you?

Yep! I have. 

Wait here’s a good one… have you ever, while on a date, prospected a girl as a “test,” because your upline told you that if a girl is not positive about your business, she’s not a keeper?

Yep… that didn’t turn out well!

You see! I have made my fair share of mistakes, everyone does. Fortunately for me though, it lead me to finding the exact thing I needed to rid myself from the embarrassment I felt. However, I need you to be careful…Well Because

The Internet Never Forgets!!!

spam is the problem with recruiting with social media todayNetwork marketers today have all been taught flawed tactics for recruiting and prospecting on social media. These include so often the wrong message, at the wrong time, at the wrong place

The dilemma in which we find ourselves, stems from one simple fact…

There is an extremely fine line between what is referred to as “recruiting” and literally spamming people.

Your upline gave you a tactic, never taught you any skills, and worst of all did not warn you were not to tread.

Basically, they sent you to the watering hole and forgot to let you know to watch out for the Giant Croc at the bottom of the lake.

My honest opinion, they would tell you anything just to NOT have you quit on them. You’ve been turned into a…

“Disposable distributor” with the sole task of spreading the word about their company’s products or opportunity at the expense of the individual’s reputation, worst of all risking suspension of their social media account – oops!

Forget tactics, you need a strategy that works!  ‘Attraction marketing’ is exactly that. A Strategy NOT a tactic. A scale-able, leveraged process used to have qualified, eager prospects you want to join your team.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt


People who haven’t yet figured out that building a business is not about tricking people or finding the right copy/paste FB messages to send to strangers.

It’s about actually caring about people, becoming a person of value, and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems!

That last part is critical: “uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.”

Any idiot can copy and paste a message into the Private Message function on Facebook.

What sets you apart from the rest of the desperate reps hitting people’s inboxes with their new “ground floor” opportunities or cash programs?

If you’re still a little fuzzy on whether you are a spammer or not, here’s a guide of sorts…

Top 5 Warning Signs Your Social Media Prospecting Efforts are Actually SPAM

1.) Your first private message to a stranger on social media includes a link to join your opportunity.

2.) You get angry replies via private messaging and/or you have been reported as a spammer.

3.) You post links to your opportunity or website in the comments section of other people’s social media posts.

4.) You compulsively want to talk about your company or products without anyone asking you to share.

Finally… this one is the most important one…

5.) You engage in interactions online with a hidden agenda hoping to transition the topic to something that would get people interested in your opportunity without caring about knowing the other person.

This last one for me is a big one but could also be controversial.

After all, #5 is the very definition of prospecting (online or offline) that even when done right… can still feel awkward, result in people getting angry at you, and very unleveraged.

That is why I eventually decided to stop prospecting altogether.

But here’s the interesting thing…

“When I Stopped Prospecting People, My Business Started Growing!”

stop prospecting is the solution to the problem with recruiting with social mediaI can’t tell you how relieved and at peace I felt, when I once again, was able to go out with my friends, visiting a family member’s home, or be in a public place without having to think about prospecting anyone.

Just enjoying being normal again was incredible after two years of being taught by my upline that “everyone was a prospect” and approaching every conversation with a hidden agenda; I was free!

That’s because it wasn’t until I STOPPED prospecting that my business actually started growing!

Weird, right?

At this point, you may be asking…

“Then how the heck does your business grow? How can you grow a network marketing business without recruiting with social media and spamming your friends and family?”

Just like doing it right offline, there’s a way to successfully do it online as well. After learning and becoming very good at prospecting, I decided that I didn’t want to build my business this way.

The problem with prospecting in general, as it’s normally taught, is that the mindset going in is still about what YOU want people to do and about manipulating people into doing what you want them to do.

In other words, it’s about YOU, not them. I didn’t like that, but I still did it for a little while… until I found a better way.

The More Leveraged Alternative to 1-on-1 Prospecting, Which Won’t Make You Feel Like a Cheap Salesman

recruiting with social mediaNow, I am not trying to be high and mighty about all this prospecting stuff because I’m not.

If it came down to either feeding my family with ‘stone cold’ prospecting tactics or my kids starving, I would choose stone cold prospecting every time, without remorse.

But the reason I was able to quit prospecting was that, I eventually discovered an online recruiting strategy which enabled me to recruit more people in one day than the most skilled recruiter in the world can do in a month.

I was able to passively generate leads, customers, and new reps even when I was out having fun with friends and family.

(Hence why I didn’t have to worry about prospecting them!)

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people on social media, I learned how to legitimately get Facebook and other networks to actually help me attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer by using their own ads platform! (i.e. going legit!)

All without resorting to the odious and deceitful tactics commonly used when recruiting with social media in our industry.

This strategy is called ‘attraction marketing’, which is an internet marketing strategy designed for networkers and people in direct sales!

You see, if your business depends on you being on social media, sending private messages, or commenting on people’s posts all day, you are NOT doing internet marketing… despite what you may have been led to believe.

Online prospecting and internet marketing are NOT the same thing! Internet marketing is a passive strategy, which works, even when you are not.

So if you want to learn how to PASSIVELY build a business by attracting the prospects you want online, then get access to our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here.

There, We reveal the strategy that I currently use now to attract customers and reps into my team.

You’ll also get more details about a book Ferny wrote that goes into the nuts n’ bolts of his recruiting & selling formula. This turned my business from 1-on-1 meetings everyday, to an automated leveraged system that automatically qualifies and enrolls with as little as 20-30 minutes a day!

Now if traditional prospecting online or offline is your thing and you want to stick to that, by all means, go for it.

There are many top trainers and earners of mine in the industry that focus on cold market recruiting skills…

(And they do ‘attraction marketing’ too!)

For me, there was simply a certain way I wanted to live my life and that was more important.

I would much rather make a ton of money in my business first and then have my friends and family beg me to tell them more about it.

It’s much better than begging my friends and family to join a business which isn’t making any money.

Which would you prefer?


To your success!

Kyle Davids
Attraction Marketer
Inspiring Success

Kyle Davids

Kyle is trainer, entrepreneur as well as a network marketer with a prime focus on lead generation for the perfect prospect, using the internet and other social media strategies. He has a BIG passion in helping others realize their dreams. Providing coaching that helps network marketers shave YEARS off their learning curves and start producing results like they are 30 year VETERANS!

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